Animals are great: they console us, they make us laugh, they feed us, they even scare us. We share a strange bond with animals. This idea is the anthropomorphic conception of two particular animals who embodies two of the oldest concepts in human history, good and evil.

A tattoo project for a client who wanted an angel and a devil character. Being that who or what he wanted to portray these characters, I decided upon something unorthodox.

The reason for my animal selection is this: a chameleon has the ability to shift colours according to its surroundings, as in sin takes on many forms;  a lamb is white and gentle, according to the Bible, it is a symbol of purity and innocences, sometimes used in sacrifice.

The chameleon is dressed like a business man as a subtle hint towards unethical corporatism. The lamb, on the other hand, is a provocatively posed female whose sensible and intellectual demeanor is often sacrificed.

Materials used: Staedtler Mars Matic 700

Copyright© 2014 Brandon Radic